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It seems right-wing fascist groups and individuals plague the world, and that they take every opportunity to disparage and disrupt perfectly normal and sane people and ideas. They are also bigoted against books and the ideas they contain. They’re wrong and here are 10 reasons books are better than fascists:

10. Books see all readers as equal. Books don’t recognise any difference in the hands that hold them. What they contain is on offer to anyone that cares to read them. Despite fascist insistence otherwise.

9. Books don’t get upset if you disagree with them. A book says what it has to say and then allows you to make up your mind if you agree and not just shout down at you demanding accordance.

8. Books encourage you to seek out other books for clarification. If a book says something you don’t agree with or understand it will wait indefinitely while you become knowledgeable.

7. If you don’t like what a book has to say, it doesn’t get belligerent. It accepts your decision and stays silent. Unlike fascists who chuck their toys out of their prams whenever confronted with a clear, rational argument against them.

6. When reading a book it doesn’t say one thing and then suddenly treat you as an enemy. There can be surprises when reading, but it suddenly spew ad hominem attacks against the reader.

5. Books have more to say than fascists. Books will go into great and specific detail on a subject if needed with supporting facts and research. They don’t rely on 5-second sound bites used out of context to support falsehoods.

4. A book isn’t selfish and demand that you regard everything it has to say as true or real. 

3. Books don’t put a reader down to make themselves seem more important. On the contrary, books do everything in their power to lift readers up.

2. If there is a mistake in a book it doesn’t throw a tantrum when it’s corrected.

1. Books make lovely gifts.

You can see from this list that in the fight between books and fascists, books are the clear winner. Deal with fascists the way you would a pet that messes on your floor. In a firm and clear voice tell them ‘NO!’ That this behaviour is unacceptable. Repeat as needed until the fascists understand. Yes, books are better than fascists.

Books are better than fascists.

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