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The world today claims to be wider and more open than ever. However, in reality, companies seek to reduce our choices down to a limited number of variations of a single product. This is not the case with books. Books are limited only by imagination and determination. Books offer choice to anyone willing to pick them up.

As a child, most of our decisions are made for us. Our parents and teachers tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to act, and a myriad of other things. However, as soon as we can read the freedom to choose whatever book we want becomes available. To a child this freedom is exciting.

This initial freedom allows us to explore the world on our own terms, without supervision. It’s the first step to adulthood and independence. Although we don’t realise it at the time, choosing books is a momentous occasion for us.

As we grow our interests and tastes change. Hopefully, this includes a love of reading and books. Regardless of whether we become avid readers or not, that first chance to choose freely becomes part of us. By continuing on the reading journey our ability to choose develops, becoming stronger and more individual. A reader doesn’t need to follow a crowd to make choices.

The choices books offer helps to develop our understanding of the world. Faced with injustices we can choose to ignore facts or seek answers. Therefore, readers can turn to books for answers in whatever way they wish. By understanding what choices are available a reader can see through specious arguments to come to their own conclusions.

We have the right to choose. If someone tries to limit our choice, choosing the right books becomes an act of rebellion. Therefore, choosing books that seek to eliminate injustice becomes imperative.

We make choices every day of our lives. Regardless of the choices we make books have been a part of them. Those early forays with books helped us to learn about choice and what it offers. However we see the world books offer choice and a way to greater understanding.

Books offer choice.

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