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Ringworld by Larry Niven
Larry Niven
Larry Niven Photo by Ceridwen.

Larry Niven began his literary career in 1964 with “The Coldest Place”. Despite the rise of the New Wave of science fiction, Niven remained a writer of big, scientific stories. This did not hinder his career as he won most of the top awards for science fiction. Most famously for his 1970 novel, Ringworld.

Niven also collaborated with fellow author Jerry Pournelle to produce nine novels, including The Mote in God’s EyeLucifer’s Hammer, and Footfall. All of which had great success.

Larry Niven also set most of his stories in what became Known Space. He also created the playground of the Man-Kzin Wars where authors fleshed out the details of the mythical wars between humans and the Kzinti. There are fifteen collections and three novels of these stories to date.